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Joel Zehring
Tucson, AZ, USA
I'm a sixth grade teacher in the Marana Unified School district.
Rich White
Develop the opensource Edusim application for the IWB
Rich Bateman
Newbury Park, CA
7th Grade Social Science teacher in Conejo Unified School District. Just getting into the wii multi-touch arena.
Jon Hickman
Minneapolis, MN
I teach engineering in a 3-year high school level program.
Rich Platts
Pittsburgh, PA
Middle School German teacher.
Graham Macleod
Reading UK
High School ICT Teacher
Dale Jones
Shropshire UK
elearning leader in secondary school
Cameron Fowler
Rotorua New Zealand
ICT Technician at Kaitao
Mitch Flowers
Louisville, KY, USA
I'm a high school/secondary school special education
teacher in Jefferson County Public Schools
Tami Brass
Stillwater, MN USA
I'm a teacher/tech coordinator at St. Paul Academy and Summit School in St. Paul, MN
Mike Mansour
Omaha, NE, USA
I'm a middle school math and science teacher.
Richard van Dijk
Tauranga, New Zealand
ICT Facilitator for two secondary schools
Glenn Wiebe
Tech integration consultant with focus on gaming and social science
John Sowash
Southfield, Michigan
High School biology teacher who loves educational technology!
Ed Brodhurst
Carterton, Oxfordshire, UK
Head of ICT and Geography, Assistant Principal (ICT for T & L)