Students review content by answering test questions as presented in one of several arcade-style games.


Nintendo Wiimote
Infrared Sensor Bar
Bluetooth Dongle (if Bluetooth is not built in)
WiinRemote software


1. Set up the questions on

From the drop-down menu, select "Arcade Game Generator".

2. Save the game as a file or embed the game in a website. I use as my online home for class news and activities. I created a new post and gave it a unique title. Then I clicked on the "HTML" tab and pasted the code into the editor. I tagged and categorized the post, then clicked "Publish". Alternately, you can click the disk icon to save the HTML file to your harddrive. The resulting file doesn't save every bit of code, it calls on information from the internet. It is a good option for a teacher without a website.
3. Manage the activity. I ran this activity with my whole class (26 sixth graders) on our LCD projector. I divided the students into five groups. For one group's turn, one student took the wiimote and played the game. Her group members coached her and two students stood by the screen and pointed to the correct answers.
4. Assess student retention. This is a good tool for reviewing content, especially content that will be tested. This is not a great activity for introducing concepts and content. Give students a multiple choice test to assess their learning. If that's too paper-based or standardized, copy and paste those questions into Google form or MyStudiyo. Additionally, you can have the student take a screenshot of his score after several rounds, or have partners record each other's scores or confirm mastery.


I created this game to prepare my students for a science test. I taught the material and assessed lesson by lesson. This game served as a review for a three lesson unit. We played the game in class with students divided into groups, and I posted the game on my class blog so that students could practice in their free time or at home.

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